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How Sites Are Valued

Some sites are easier to sell than others. The difference comes from a variety of factors which include:
  • Transferability – The easier it is for a new owner to operate your site, the better the odds that it will sell. Sites that are reliant on specific industry knowledge, the personality of the owner or complex technical skills are more challenging to sell because the market of qualified buyers is smaller.

  • Age of Site – The older and more established the site, the better.

  • Revenue and Income – The vast majority of sites are bought based on past income, not the owner’s projections of future income. If you believe your site will generate $1 million in cash flow by following three simple steps, then you should follow those steps, prove the cash flow and then list it for sale. Don’t expect buyers to believe something if you weren’t willing to try it yourself.

  • Recent Patterns – If traffic and revenue have been on the rise lately, it helps. If they have been on the decline, you may have to lower your asking price a bit.

  • Type of Business – Many brokers, including us, will not accept listings for adult sites, scam sites or get-rich-quick sites.

  • Expectations of Seller – Most sites sell for between 2 and 3 times the owner's discretionary cash flow for the past twelve months. If your expectations are much higher than that, your site likely won’t sell in today’s market. The good news is that many expenses can be "added back" to make the income higher. Most buyers understand that business owners sometimes write off questionable expenses to lower their taxable income.

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