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Jason Yelowitz is an Internet business broker who gets results. Whether your web business is in perfect condition or has some challenges, Jason is the right person to showcase its strengths to potential buyers.

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"Having Jason act as a broker for my website sale was the best decision I have made. Jason was committed from the start and consistent throughout the transaction. His level of professionalism and attention to detail was beyond my expectations and I am very happy to have worked with Jason. What struck me the most is that Jason cares very much for his clients. His level of service and expertise is highly appreciated. Thank you Jason!"
-James L.
"Jason is really in your corner when it comes to getting a fair price for your website and knows how to handle every detail perfectly. Also very easy to work with!"
-Patricia B.
"I have had an opportunity to work with Jason on two occasions. First as peers discussing a business acquisition and second as a client of his while purchasing an online business. In my interactions with Jason I have found him personable. Jason also has the ability to quickly grasp the human and business elements of a transaction and then implement action which satisfies the people and the business at hand. Most importantly I would say that I have never felt as if Jason was not 100% ethical and honest in every discussion. Jason is simply a practical and trustworthy person to work with in a business deal."
-Ben F.
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