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Welcome! This free and instant valuation calculator is intended for people who own web-based businesses and who want to get a feel of what they could sell their businesses for in today’s market. Please answer the following questions to get your instant market valuation.
1. What is the main source of revenue for your website?
2. How long has the site (or group of sites) been operational?
3. What is the source of the majority of the traffic to the website(s)?
4. Is there anything about the site(s) which would make it difficult to transfer to a new owner?
5. How many hours a week does it take the owner to run this website?
(Do not include employee/contractor hours)
6. What was the revenue (i.e. sales) for the past 12 months?
$ Numbers Only (ie: 10000)
7. How much income did that revenue generate for the owner(s)?
$ Numbers Only (ie: 10000)
This calculator brought to you by Jason Yelowitz, website broker and author of
The Bathrobe Millionaire.


"A must-read for anyone who has ever had a business idea!"

-Michael Tasner, bestselling author of Marketing in the Moment
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